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Our Values

Accounting is more than numbers to the Atlanta Bookkeeping Solutions team. We want to help our clients save money and make increasingly profitable financial decisions. Our technical practice is a necessity in achieving that goal, but the quality of our business relationships are also very important. That is why our values include professionalism and personality.

Professionalism and personality are critical because they create the kind of environment where our clients will ask questions, questions that often lead to valuable insight, opportunities, and ultimately financial growth.


Knowledge is the foundation of any professional relationship. This is especially true in accounting, where software is constantly updated and bookkeeping best practices change as quickly as health and fashion advice. Is it healthy to walk 10k per day, or do you really need to walk 15? How do you deduct software as a service? As the experts in our industry struggle with these decisions, we sort through the static and keep your books exactly as they should be kept.

All of our team members are talented, educated and experienced, critical resources who are capable of organizing complicated accounting systems and who know how to save our clients’ money.


Professionalism is about setting up the right rules and expectations for a valuable relationship. We are reliable, available, courteous and responsible, always holding ourselves to a high standard, taking pride not just in what we do but how we serve. We believe in gratitude and generosity, in mutual respect and in showing respect in our attire, our attitude, our timeliness, and our honesty.


There are personable accountants in the world, and most of them work here, at Atlanta Bookkeeping Solutions! We relate to our clients, possibly not in the weeks leading up to Tax Day, but at all other times, we keep our anal retentiveness to ourselves and make real connections. Our unique personalities make finance much easier to bear, even fun on occasion.

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